When Earaches Strike!


We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the night, the house has quieted,  all is dark and at rest when the siren cry of a child wakes you with the alarm of an earache! As a parent who is familiar with that cry of pain, I’d like to arm you with some at home care that you can provide your child when an earache hits.

Earaches happen more frequently in children because their estuation tube points upward. An adult’s estuation tube is directed at a downward angle, providing better drainage. Food allergies may also induce an earache as they cause inflammation in the muscles around the estuation tube.

Whatever the cause of your child’s earache, you can be prepared and enabled to address the pain and discomfort. Keep in mind that the following natural home care remedies are secondary to the importance of a medical provider properly examining your child’s ear with a scope to ensure that the drum remains in-tact and has not ruptured or become infected.

Essential Oils

Firstly, I would recommend being prepared and keeping Sweet oil in your medicine cabinet.  This can be found at your local apothecary or health food store. Now is a good brand.

To use sweet oil as a remedy, heat up the bottle like you would warm a baby bottle. Immerse the bottle in hot water for a few minutes. Once it is warmed, remove it from the water and test a few drops of the oil on the inside of your wrist to ensure it is not too hot. It should be *warm* not hot! It is very important that you do not put HOT oil in your child’s ear! If the oil is at a safe temperature, put a few drops in the ear canal and then insert a cotton ball as a stopper into the opening to keep the oil from running back out.  I recommend following this with a hot compress.

As an alternative to sweet oil you can use coconut oil and or a mixture of garlic and olive oil.  These options are antimicrobial and will fight the infection in the ear.

Melaleuca, tea tree oil, can be applied topically behind the child’s ear;  this will absorb through the skin and fight the infection.


Supplements are useful in fighting infection. It is helpful to put your child on a regiment of vitamin-D at the first sign of illness.  Our pediatrician recommends 1,000 IUs of vitamin-D per pound of body weight.  A 30 pound toddler can take a therapeutic dose of 30,000 IUs of vitamin-D for up to two weeks.

Taking fish oil internally can help combat the build up of ear wax which is caused by a lack of fatty acids. A few high quality and trusted brands are Nordic Naturals, Carlson’s, or Standard Process.  Nordic naturals and Standard Process carry kid-friendly flavors.


Homeopathic drugs can be found at your local health food store.

Belladonna 30c reduces earache pain and fever.

Pulsitilla 30c may help with nasal congestion.

These natural home remedies can ease pain and discomfort and support wellness until your child can get in to see an Applied Kinesiologiest, and or a provider that practices total body modification.  The provider will be able to adjust your child’s ear which will open up the tube allowing the stagnant fluid/cesspool to drain out. This visit can be followed up by taking Antanex, a natural antihistamine, every day, for up to a month. Standard Process carries this as well. Check with your provider about the duration.

Adding Essential Oils, Vitamins and Homeopathy to your tool kit should better arm you for when an earache occurs. With these natural home remedies you are enabled to support your child’s health and wellness and compliment your child’s care from their A.K.